InnORBIT's digital Co-Creation Workshop on June 9th, 2021

InnORBIT hosted its virtual Co-Creation Workshop on June 9th, 2021.

During this event, 35 participants, including stakeholders representing organisations active in space, innovation, business & entrepreneurship as well as investment domains got together with project partners to co-design the InnORBIT Capacity Building programme aimed to train-the-trainers (digital innovation hubs, clusters, etc.) and Business Support programme aiming to help space innovators (start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs etc.) grow their business in space and space-related markets.

After a few fun ice-breaking activities to set the mood, partners introduced participants to the project and presented them with the findings of the project at the time. The workshop unfolded in two core sessions, dedicated to the Capacity Building and the Business Support programme. The brainstorming sessions were supported by the digital tool MIRO, with post-it notes and boards editable in real time.

Participants contributed their experience about the needs of innovators in the space sector that need to be addressed and proposed services that trainers could provide to address them, along with the resources and skills needed by trainers to effectively provide support. Moreover, the target audience of business support services were discussed along with the expected benefits that each service promises and tools or materials needed for their delivery.

Project partners during and after the workshop utilised the insights coming from experts to develop the first design of InnORBIT's programmes and services paving the road for their full-on development and launch in the coming months.